Single Lumen Plastic Tubing

Small Diameter Tubing


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Precision Extrusion supplies single lumen plastic tubing to medical manufacturers around the world. Our customers have come to expect the highest quality product in the industry. Our small diameter tubing is extruded to demanding tolerances with precision. We tackle single lumen tubing projects that our competition won't even touch.

Single-Lumen tubing has a single channel running through its interior. Single lumen tubing has an Outer Diameter (OD), an Inner Diameter (ID), and a wall thickness between the ID and the OD. We can extrude single lumen tubing with OD's as large as .5", ID's as small as .002", and walls as thin as .002". Tolerances can be as tight as +/- .0005". Concentricity, or the variance in wall thickness from one side of the tube to the other, can also be tightly controlled.

Precision Extrusion's extruded single lumen tubing is available in various sizes and materials. The ID's can be various shapes; circular, oval, triangular, square, crescent. Single lumen tubing is also available in co-extrusions. Co-extrusion allows us to extrude single lumen tubing with multiple layers of different materials, or with colored stripes of the same, or different materials. The co-extruded stripes can also contain radiopaque materials that will show up on X-ray. We can meet your custom design specifications, including overjacketing wire, springs, braided and other tubing. We also offer fiber optic sheathing and overjacketing to the photonics industry.

We have a wide variety of single lumen nylon tubing that is used as pre-form in the production of angioplasty balloons. Our single lumen balloon tubing preform is extruded to precise dimensions, in order to allow us to control how the balloon will form. Wall thickness and concentricity are critical to balloon tubing function. Also, great care is taken to remove impurities and gels from the nylon resin during the single lumen balloon tubing extrusion process that will impede balloon function. We have refined out nylon extrusion processes based on our experiences. Thanks to the unique performance characteristics of nylon tubing, our customers know that our angioplasty balloon tubing parison can, and will, exceed tight quality tolerances.

Custom extruded medical tubing, high quality standards, rapid order turnaround and a company-wide commitment to total satisfaction; it's the perfect combination. It's what you want, it's what you need! There are just a few of the reasons why Precision Extrusion, Inc. is the leader in the extruded thermoplastics industry.