Nylon Tubing Extrusion

plastic medical nylon tubing extrusion

For more info, please contact our sales team. Nylon tubing is available from Precision Extrusion in a variety of sizes with tight tolerances. Nylon tubing is available in a wide range of hardness. Multi-lumen and Single-lumen profiles: lumen shapes such as round, square, and triangle.

Nylon Tubing

Nylon tubing is part of a family of synthetic polymers known as polyamides and it is one of the most commonly used polymers. Nylon tubing is a thermoplastic material that is made of repeating units linked by peptide bonds. Nylon fibers are used in many applications including; medical devices, fabrics, carpets, musical strings, and rope. Solid nylon tubing is used for mechanical parts such as machine screws, gears and other medium-stress components previously cast in metal. Engineering-grade nylon is processed by extrusion and injection molding. Nylon 6 is the most common commercial grade. When extruded into fibers through pores in a spinneret, the individual polymer chains align due to viscous flow. If subjected to cold drawing, the fibers align further, increasing their crystallinity and the material acquires additional tensile strength. In practice, nylon tubing or fibers are most often drawn using heated rolls at high speeds. Block nylon tends to be less crystalline except near the surfaces due to shearing stresses during formation. Nylon is clear and colorless, or milky, but is easily dyed. When dry, polyamide is a good electrical insulator. However, polyamide is hygroscopic. The absorption of water will change some of the material's properties such as its electrical resistance.