Multi Lumen Tubing

Extruded Medical Tubing with Tight Tolerances

multi lumen medical tubing

Precision Extrusion supplies custom multi lumen tubing to medical manufacturers around the world. Our customers have come to expect the highest quality multi-lumen tubing in the industry. Our small diameter multi lumen tubing is extruded to demanding tolerances with precision. We tackle multi lumen tubing projects that our competition won't even touch.

Multi Lumen tubing has multiple channels running through its profile. These extrusions can be custom engineered to meet your device needs. Multi Lumen tubing has a variable Outer Diameter (OD), numerous custom Inner Diameters (ID's), and various wall thicknesses. This tubing is available in a number shapes; circular, oval, triangular, square, crescent. These lumens can be used for guidewires, fluids, gases, wires, and various other needs.

small diameter multi lumen tubing

Multi lumen tubing can be engineered to meet specific customer design needs. Custom tubing extrusions with multi-lumen profiles can be manufactured in an almost endless number of arrangements, and in most thermoplastic materials.

The number of ID's in multi lumen tubing is only limited by the size of the OD. OD's can be as large as .5", ID's can be as small as .002", and web and wall thicknesses can be as thin as .002". Tight tolerances can be maintained to +/- .0005".

We can extrude tubing in polymers with hardnesses from as low as 20 Shore A to 150 Shore D rigid materials. Our well-refined processes have allowed us to produce dual-lumen tubing as small as .036" OD (3 Fr).

Inside diameters and wall thickness are precisely controlled through on-line statistical-process-control. All multi lumen tubing meets strict quality assurance requirements. The result is high quality, extruded medical tubing with tight tolerances on multiple lumens. Our multi lumen tubing is the best in the industry.

Custom extruded medical tubing, high quality standards, rapid order turnaround and a company-wide commitment to total satisfaction; it's the perfect combination. It's what you want, it's what you need! There are just a few of the reasons why Precision Extrusion, Inc. is the leader in the extruded thermoplastics industry.