Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers!

1. Can I get a catalog?
Unfortunately no. We are a custom manufacturer and do not have a catalog of standard parts or configurations.

2. What can I get?
We have a brochure that can be sent out, and you can request samples for either a specific need, or just a general sample pack, by going to our sample request page.

3. How do I get a quote?
You can get quotes in several ways: either e-mail your request by going to our request for quote page, or e-mail with attached specs and drawing; fax us the information including specs, and drawing if possible; or call, and we can discuss your needs and work up a quote from there.

4. What sizes can you extrude?
We have equipment customized to do very small tubing very well... We can extrude with inside diameters as small as 0.002", walls as thin as 0.002" and outside diameters over 0.5" in some materials.

5. Do you extrude multi-lumen tubing?
Yes, we extrude single and multi-lumen, as well as co-extruded tubing in layers or with stripes.

6. What is multi-lumen tubing?
In the medical industry, lumen refers to the channel that makes up the inside of the tube... In a straw, it is the hole in the middle. Multi-lumen tubing is just what it sounds like, a tube with multiple channels on the inside.

7. What is multi-lumen tubing used for?
Multi-lumen tubing is used to provide for separate pathways for gasses or fluid passage, or passage of wires electrically separated from each other, for example.

8. What other types of extruded tubing do you make?
We do braid reinforced and extrusions over wires or springs, and extrusions with wires or filaments in the wall, as well as angio-balloon preforms and various other things.

9. What materials do you use?
Generally we deal with all thermoplastic materials, which leaves out silicones and fluropolymers. Please go to our materials page to see a more complete listing.

10. What are typical lead-times?
Lead-times vary and can be as short as a few days, or much longer, depending upon your needs. For example, if you are requesting a custom compound, it could take several weeks just to get the material... Of course by then your run would be on the schedule, and probably extruded very shortly after we receive the resin.

11. What industries do you serve?
Most of our tubing is used in the medical industry for catheters and such, although we have some customers involved with the automotive, electrical, chemical, communications, and various other industries.

12. Can you help with material selection or product development?
Yes we can. Our staff has many years experience in extrusion and although most of our experience is in medical devices, we can provide some assistance to every industry that we serve.