Custom Plastic Tubing

Custom Medical Extruded Small Diameter Thermoplastics Tubing

Plastic Tubing is available from Precision Extrusion in many materials, hardnesses, colors and types. With years of experience in the custom plastic tubing industry, Precision Extrusion can customize solutions for your specific needs. Our wide variety of custom plastic tubing includes small-diameter, single lumen and multi lumen tubing, extruded bead, striped tubing, multi-colored and multi-layered tubing for the medical industry. Plastic tubing ranges in hardness from flexible to rigid and can be designed for a wide variety of applications in food & beverage processing, medical, chemical processing and other industrial applications. Our extensive experience allows us to manufacture your custom tubing in many sizes, shapes and from a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Short lead times are not a problem!

custom tubing plastic tubing medical extrusion small diameter

Tubing is available in co-extrusions that allow for the extrusion of multiple layers, or stripes, of different materials and various colors. Precision Extrusion can meet your unique requirements and assist in developing the solution that best meets your design specifications. Our engineers and highly-skilled technicians will produce your custom tubing cut to any desired length, including spools. We take pride in producing tubing products that meet your specifications with the tightest tolerances. Let us develop your custom plastic tubing solution!

Custom extruded plastic tubing, high quality standards, rapid order turnaround and a company-wide commitment to total satisfaction; it's the perfect combination. It's what you want, it's what you need! There are just a few of the reasons why Precision Extrusion, Inc. is the leader in the extruded thermoplastics industry.