PTFE Lined Braided Stent
Delivery Catheter


custom tubing plastic tubing medical extrusion small diameter

Precision Extrusion Inc. in concert with several customers has developed a PTFE lined, braid reinforced catheter that combines various hardnesses of outer layers but also clear and radiopaque layers and variable pics per inch along the shaft.


These PTFE lined shafts can be used to provide a “delivery system” type of guide catheter that provides a variety of variable stiffness along the shaft to the distal end, along with clear and/or radiopaque distal tips.  The PTFE liner provides a very lubricious inner surface.


The PTFE lined catheter shafts can be braided with round wire, single or double ended, as well as flat or ribbon wire of various tensile strength.  The most common outer jacket materials are nylon or nylon copolymers, such as PEBAX®.  The PTFE lined shaft assemblies have also been made with polyurethane materials.