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In engineering, science, industry and statistics, precision characterizes the degree of certainty in a series of individual measurements. It is the most important characteristic of any standard. Our custom tubing is manufactured with precision tolerances and a commitment to quality that is unmatched in the plastic tubing extrusion industry.

Precision Extrusion Inc. is the leader in the design and manufacture of custom plastic tubing for the medical device industry. We are committed to unsurpassed quality control, on-going investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and customer service that is second-to-none. Precision Extrusion is the most experienced manufacturer in the custom medical tubing industry.

Our highly skilled, talented team is dedicated to being your partner in excellence. You can rest assured that the experts at Precision Extrusion will lead you through the process of assessing and developing custom tubing solutions to fit your specific tubing needs. We have assembled the most qualified team of experts in the medical grade tubing industry. Our engineers and technicians have an in-depth understanding of polymer science and will work with you to develop a solution. We can assist in material evaluation using our extensive experience to develop product that exceeds your expectations. At Precision Extrusion Inc., precision, performance, and perfection really do matter.

small diameter plastic tubing 
                    extrusion medical grade

Using our state-of-the-art plastic extrusion processes, our technicians are able to hold the tightest of tolerances. On-line statistical proces control allows for strict quality specifications to be met with ease. Our custom extruded, small diameter tubing is manufactured under strict quality assurance requirements. Our staff is dedicated to working with you to make sure your specific needs are met by providing the highest quality, small diameter plastic tubing. Precision Extrusion manufactures single and multi lumen tubing; as well as many other profiles and custom small diameter tubing in various medical grade thermoplastic polymer materials. We specialize in tight tolerance, small diameter tubing and profiles for the medical devices industry. Co-extruded tubing is also available in a wide variety of medical grade polymer materials and arrangements. Co-extrusion allows us to utilize the unique characteristics of different polymers in the same small diameter tubing. Multi-Layer tubing co-extrusion is available in various materials. Precision Extrusion Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer.

We supply leading medical device manufacturers around the world with custom, medical grade plastic tubing extrusions. Our small diameter tubing meets extremely tight tolerances and the highest quality standards. Our experience and expertise with uniquely challenging tubing extrusion, and our commitment to quality, has led us into many industries. As a global supplier of extruded tubing, we have proven time and again that our products are the best in the industry. Our plastics list is very diverse and includes; nylon, PVC, PEEK, polycarbonate, polyurethane and various other polymers. We offer both custom tubing extrusion and beading manufactured to the strictest quality manufacturing standards.

ISO 13485:2003 Certificate
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate