Balloon Tubing

Elongation Does Matter

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Precision Extrusion, Inc. has been a major supplier of the balloon tubing to the medical device industry for almost 25 years.


Our unique equipment and extrusion process can provide:


1. Better control of some of the critical properties, e.g. elongation and tensile strength


2. +/-0.0005" tolerances both on OD and ID


3. Clear and smooth surface


4. Excellent concentricity with very uniform wall thickness


All of this combined will reduce the defect rate and help you the customer to form quality baloons to meet your most demanding specifications.




    Nylon 11 and Nylon 12

    PEBAX (nylon co-polymer)



    EVA, or

    Custom blend materials


Range of sizes:


  • ID from 0.0068" to 0.3188"
  • OD from 0.0132” to 0.3528”
  • OD/ID tolerance: +/-0.0005”~0.0015”
  • depends on the sizes Concentricity >90%