Acetal Mandrel Extrusion

acetal mandrel

Precision Extrusion, Inc. in Glens Falls, New York, is a leader in the design and manufacture of the highest quality, thermoplastic tubing.  We are now also a major supplier of the highest quality acetal mandrel.




    BASF Ultraform®

    BASF Ultraform® with Silicone Blend

    Ticona Celcon®

    GE Delrin®


    Available versions:


    • Premium layered plain acetal mandrel
    • Premium layered silicone acetal blend release layer on the outside
    • Economy single layer acetal rod (not available with silicone release)
    • Acetal or Silicone acetal layer with stainless steel wire reinforcing



  • Size Range from 0.010” to 0.285”
  • Level winding (Military wind)
  • Premium mandrel meets or exceeds the tightest tolerances for mandrels in the medical device industry
  • Silicone mandrel has the excellent release quality for catheters
  • Economy mandrel is the most economical and still made to tight tolerances.
  • Shortest lead time down to 1 week
  • Off the shelf products in many sizes


Spool Size:

  • Standard heavy duty plastic reels (12 x 7 x 6.5”)
  • Or based on your requirement (Please provide your spool spec.)



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