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At our facility, highly skilled technicians manufacture a wide variety of custom plastic tubing for the medical device industry. Our state of the art manufacturing processes also allow us to supply various non-medical industries with custom extrusion products. Our experience with medical extrusion has made us the leader in the tubing industry, with an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Precision Extrusion has the capabilities to meet all of your custom tubing needs. We specialize in small diameter tubing with tight tolerances. Our extensive thermoplastic materials experience ranges from nylon and polycarbonate to PEEK tubing.

Precision Extrusion is uniquely capable of filling your orders and meeting individual needs. Our extensive in-house tooling design and manufacturing means fast turnaround of prototype orders - often within a week. Our state-of-the-art facility allows Precision Extrusion to manufacture your custom tubing in many shapes and sizes using a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Our experienced engineers work closely with you through all stages of prototype design and development, employing the most suitable polymer materials and manufacturing methods. In addition to years of polymer extrusion experience, our staff of talented men and women are determined to manufacture the highest quality products within the shortest possible time-frame. We have developed unique processes for extrusion that you won't find anywhere else.

As a supplier for leading medical manufacturers around the world, we are dedicated to quality. Our processes allow us to precisely control dimensions on multiple lumens. Even with the tightest tolerances, our tubing meets or exceeds customer requirements. We can arrange multiple lumens in various shapes and configurations, with inside diameters and walls as small as 0.002 inches, custom designed to meet your specs.

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Our highly specialized equipment allows us to provide you with unique services. Our plastic co-extrusions can have multi-colored stripes of different polymer materials, multi-layer tubing with different hardnesses and performance characteristics, braided shaft, overjacketing, and various others.

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